Microderm, Sonophoresis and LED Light Therapy? - Facials Explained/My Experience

Let me just start by saying that taking good care of your skin is f*cking important and that the killer results of facials are only going to stick around if you look after your skin.

After my first facial at Adelaide Laser Skincare I was completely sold. My skin had never been clearer or glowier (is that even a word?) than it was when I walked out of their clinic. For days (maybe even weeks) after my appointment, my skin didn't even need makeup because breakouts, blackheads and dullness were problems of the past, so the bar was set pretty damn high when I returned last week for another Signature Facial. Luckily, the lovely ladies at Adelaide Laser didn't disappoint.

Post-facial skin (no makeup)
Firstly, microdermabrasion is life changing, there's no other way to explain it. Sure, you can try your luck with scrubs and exfoliators but literally nothing compares to the feeling of freshly microdermed skin. Mark my words, you will feel like a brand new human.

To put it simply, microdermabrasion basically sucks all of the dead skin and nasty pore-blocking impurities out of your skin, leaving you with soft, fresh, youthful skin again. (If you want to read a more scientific explanation - google it).

I know there's DIY microderm kits but it's just not the same. Recently I tried my mum's at-home microderm kit last time I ventured back home and not only was I unhappy with the results, but I actually ended up with a gnarly bruise on my cheek from not using the machine properly. Please leave this one to the professionals so you don't risk further damaging your skin!

Sonophoresis is the most relaxing part of the whole facial experience. Harnessing the power of heat and ultrasonic technology, sonophoresis helps increase absorption of active ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin, so you can really get the most of the fancy serums and products they're covering your skin with. It's like an electric blanket for your face, but better. This is the perfect way to nourish your skin after the microderm gets rid of all the nasties.

LED Light Therapy:
Okay so this is the really technical part that I don't really understand, and that everyone seems to be confused by when I explain it (maybe I'm just bad at explaining but here goes nothing) For a more in-depth, technical explanation you can read all about Adelaide Laser's LED therapy here.

Basically, the process involves wearing a mask full of LED lights that sit just above your face. The lights deliver different results targeted to specific skincare concerns including acne, aging, pigmentation, and redness.

The non-invasive process helps to stimulate the skin with the use of red, green, blue and yellow LED lights to painlessly improve the overall appearance and quality of your skin.

Benefits of LED light therapy include:
 - minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- reduces acne scarring
- promotes collagen production
- minimises pores

To be honest, I'm not sure how much the LED really works or whether it's all just a placebo, but at the end of the Signature Facial, my skin is one glowy ball of perfection so I'll just keep on getting lit (mind the pun). Here's hoping I have the skin of a 21-year-old when I'm 50 because of my religious LED treatments.

These facials are pretty pricey but gosh they're really worth it! I mean, can you really put a price on clear, glowing, breakout-free skin? Yes, $165 to be precise. But like I said, totally worth it. Stop hesitating. Do it. You know you want to.

If you're an Adelaidian on the look out for a new facialist, or in need of a skincare saviour be sure to check out the skin wizards at Adelaide Laser Skincare.