The Colours To Wear If You Hate Wearing Colour

If you rummage through my wardrobe you'll notice two things:
- it's either the most organised wardrobe you've ever seen, or it's an absolute floordrobe
- there are only coloured pieces in my wardrobe (a Spell & The Gypsy playsuit and a Zulu and Zephyr playsuit to be precise).

But sometimes wearing nothing but shades of grey can be a little gloomy (and sometimes your mum will think you're an emo), which means that a pop of colour can be a nice change. If you're like me, the idea of a 'pop of colour' probably scares the sh*t out of you, but fear not - we've found the colours that even colour-hating people love too!

Rose Quartz/Blush
Pantone named Rose Quartz as Colour of the Year last year, which probably explains why you're seeing it all over street style blogs everywhere. This more-sophisticated take on pink is the perfect way to freshen up your style without looking like you were dressed by your mum.

Lets be real, red is the hardest colour in the rainbow to pull off. Unless you're Angelina Jolie on the red carpet, you probably look like an idiot wearing red. Enter: Crimson, the more stylish, less 'Hi, I'm wearing red - pay attention to me' version of this impossible colour. 

Powder Blue
Usually I hate any blue that isn't denim, but powder blue is really growing on me. This shade is the perfect way to rock the blue tones without looking like a smurf (sorry, I just really hate the colour blue).

I don't personally consider khaki to be a colour, but hey, if it means I'm technically wearing colour that's a bonus.