Eight Pieces To Invest In This Year

Unfortunately, 'investing' in fashion is considerably less financially beneficial than investing in stocks, businesses or real estate, but it's a hell of a lot more fun! So what products should you invest your hard-earned cash in?

A denim jacket: I never realised how versatile a good denim jacket is until I joined the cult this year with this one from The Fifth. For years I thought I had a denim jacket (it was actually a vintage, oversized Hard Rock Cafe jacket from my dad's first NYC trip), but you don't really have a denim jacket until you invest in one that works with everything. I still love my vintage one, but my recent investment has been worn more times than I care to admit (I'm pretty sure my work colleagues think it's the only thing I own)!
J Brand - Harlow Trucker Jacket $422.89

A quality handbag: I cannot stress this enough! For many years I was a sucker for a cheap handbag, but after I picked up a Kate Spade (it was Black Friday so I splurged!) I realised how important a quality handbag really is. I've had my baby for three and a half years and she's still kicking. This is the only piece on this list that I suggest you break the bank on. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars, but investing in a quality brand means that your bag will last much longer and look much nicer. I suggest investing on Black Friday or Boxing Day (your inner cheapskate will thank me).
Mon Purse - Smooth Leather Shopper $399

A trench coat: Ahh, the trench coat! You'll rarely see me in winter without my trusty trench coat, and the best part about it? It only cost me $80. This is another investment piece that you can totally save a buck on if you pick one up at the end of the season. Let's face it, trench coats are never going out of style, invest in one now.

Vanishing Elephant Long Utility Trench $100 // MNG Carlo Trench Coat $48.98

A little black dress: I only talked about this last week, but I guess I'd better reiterate it. Invest. In. A. Little. Black. Dress. It doesn't matter what style you like, pick something that you can throw on with a pair of heels and feel instantly comfortable in.

Finders Keepers - Great Heights Dress $127 //  C/MEO Collective - About Us Dress $143

A good pair of jeans: I recently went to the launch of a fashion festival and saw a magazine editor wearing jeans, it's 2017, they're pretty acceptable to wear anywhere. Invest in a quality, perfectly fitting pair of jeans in whichever style you like most (I choose skinny jeans because I wasn't blessed with curves). Make sure you get them in a versatile colour like black or blue and for f*ck's sake DO NOT SHRINK THEM.
Wrangler Tyler Jeans $139.95 // Wrangler Hi Pins Jean $129.95

A classic white shirt: Pair it with jeans, tuck it into a skirt, throw it on when you get out of bed, the possibilities are endless with a classic white shirt. I recommend picking one up as part of this year's annual Witchery White Shirt Campaign to support ovarian cancer research.
Witchery - Open Collar Shirt $179.95 // Witchery - Ramie Pop Over Shirt $99.95

A good pair of boots: I wasn't a boots kinda gal until last winter, but now I cannot live without them (TMI: except right now because I may have accidentally gotten too drunk and stained them with vomit). Trust me, boots aren't just a winter shoe, you can wear them all year round and look f%cking stylish while doing it.

Tony Bianco - Bentley $219.95 // Tony Bianco - Falcon $199.95

A 'confidence' outfit:  I can't give you any suggestions for this one, but it's probably the most important wardrobe staple. Go out and buy yourself one complete outfit that makes you ooze with confidence. It might be a cocktail dress, a business outfit or even just some jeans and a t-shirt, but find something that you can throw on at the last minute and feel a million dollars in.