How Aussies can make the most of Black Friday sales

Black Friday is undoubtedly the biggest sale frenzy of the year, with discounts of over 70% across almost every store in America, but unfortunately Aussies miss out on all the fun. Sure, we have Boxing Day sales, but lets be real, our Australian equivalent is sub-par at best. Luckily, we have your back with our expert tips and tricks for making the most of the Black Friday sales madness from back home in Australia.

Learn The Time Difference
This is the key to long-distance bargaining. If you want to make the most of Black Friday, make sure you've got your time right. Time zones can be tricky, so if you're a serious shopaholic, try setting a clock (or an iPhone timezone) to Pacific Standard Time so you don't have to do the maths later.
Black Friday (PST - aka LA time) will begin at 6.30pm on Friday (ACDT - aka Adelaide time), continuing until the same time on Saturday. 

There's More To Black Friday Than Black Friday
Black Friday is the Big Kahuna for in-store sales, but online retailers continue the discounts on Cyber Monday (28/11). This means you've got two chances to score some great deals, but shop around because different stores will have different sales periods (including some early-bird deals beginning on Thanksgiving).

Know Your Retailers
Here at , we're huge online-shopaholics, which means that we've been disappointed by retailers who don't ship to Australia before. Learn from our mistakes and plan ahead by checking the shipping policies on your favourite online stores. Time is crucial on Black Friday, so don't waste precious minutes looking at stores that won't even ship to you (you don't need that kind of negativity in your life anyway)!

Write A List
Nothing is more tempting than discounts of more than 50%, so it's super easy to get distracted on a day like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 70% off something that you're never going to wear is not a good deal, trust us!

Write down a list with three headings: Must Haves, I Needs and Do Nots.
Must Haves: Specific products that you really want - write down the designer, product name, colour, size and retailer of the product before you start shopping.
I Needs: Black Friday sales are the perfect opportunity to stock up on items that you're lacking in your closet - make a list of items you're missing (e.g skinny jeans, jackets) and keep an eye out for any that you like during the sales.
Do Nots: Physically write yourself a list of products you absolutely don't need. This will prevent you from buying irrationally and ending up with a bright pink jacket that you'll never wear (unless that's your thing).

Budget Yo'self
Sales are tempting, we hear you! But overspending can put you in some sticky situations - your landlord probably wont accept last season's Tom Ford sunglasses as rent money. Allocate a Black Friday budget and stick to it!

Don't Forget The Hidden Costs
Us Aussies can thank F%&K that our government made the decision to include GST in prices, so we don't have to actually use our brains to calculate taxes. Unfortunately, our US friends haven't got the memo and still have to calculate their own taxes (we're blaming Trump). You also have to account for shipping *sigh*, so make sure you add these hidden costs to your budget to avoid a nasty bank statement.