Ethical is the New Black

There are thousands of words to describe the fashion industry, however, 'ethical' is rarely synonymous with 'stylish'. Until now. LA-based fashion label, Reformation is changing the fashion industry for the better, with their uniquely ethical values, innovative practices and stunning designs.

After being astonished by the tremendous amount of fabric being sent to landfill every year, founder and CEO Yael Aflalo made it her mission to create stylishly sustainable garments for every woman, and so Reformation was born.

Unlike most other clothing labels, Reformation make a majority of their garments from recycled vintage and deadstock, meaning that they're giving a second chance to fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfill. When new material is needed, Reformation choose eco fabrics like Tencel and Viscose, which use significantly less resources than cotton, and are less pollutant than oil-based fabrics.

What the EFF is Tencel?
If you're not up with the fabric lingo, Tencel is a plant-based fabric made from Eucalyptus trees that is super-sustainable to produce, and super-chic to wear! Tencel uses 1/5th of the land needed to produce an equal amount of cotton, and doesn't require nasty insecticides and pesticides that are terrible for the environment (win). Whats more, by choosing Tencel over cotton, you're doing your part to conserve the world's water supply by using 80% less water for manufacturing.

What's the deal with recycled clothing?
Vintage is cool, you've probably seen it scattered all over Instagram and in your favourite boutiques, but it's also super-ethical. By choosing vintage, you, and Reformation, are helping prevent textiles from becoming landfill (note: cute denim jackets are good wardrobe staples, not plant fertilisers!). Remanufactured clothing is estimated to save 13,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually, which is a win for everybody - especially the cool girl in the vintage denim flares!

The RefScale - aka the really cool part
One of the best parts about shopping with Reformation is their 'RefScale', a tool on every page of their website that shows you exactly how much of an environmental impact your product has (in comparison to industry standards). While this sounds super maths/science-nerdy, it's actually a massive step forward for ethical consumers by finally making it easy for you to see how your decisions affect the planet (and hopefully aiding you in making more ethical choices).  For more information (and the maths behind it) click here.

Other ethical stuff
If you're still not convinced that this company is neat (or for some strange reason you don't care about the planet), click here to read about all of the other great benefits of purchasing from Reformation.

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