Reversing The Signs Of Ageing (Made Simple)

When you think of Vitamin C, you probably think of its kickass immunity boosting properties, but this super-vitamin does more than just fight off your winter cold. Recently, Vitamin C has gained massive momentum in the beauty industry for it's anti-ageing properties
and brightening effects. But how does it all work? (This is where it gets science-y)

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Vitamin C is responsible for collagen production, which protects your skin from nasty free radicals (molecules with an unpaired electron) that make your skin look aged and dull. Luckily, Vitamin C is an electron donor, and is here to save the day by literally reversing the damage caused by these free radicals. However, Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient, meaning that daily consumption is essential if you want to keep your skin looking young, bright and free-radical-free!

Benefits of Vitamin C:
- Brightens skin
- Evens skintone
- Reverses and prevents signs of ageing
- Protects skin from UV rays and other environmental damage
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