6 (Achievable) Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays here at EFF Magazine, mainly because it's the perfect excuse to go completely over-the-top with your makeup.

Thanks to the internet people, particularly Youtube 'beauty gurus', the Halloween makeup game has been taken to a completely new level in recent years. Unfortunately, this means drawing a lightning bolt on your forehead and wearing your dad's reading glasses probably won't cut it at this year's Halloween party. But don't panic and cancel your plans just yet, because here at EFF Mag we've searched far and wide (on Youtube at least) to find you our top six makeup looks to try this spooky season. From skulls and SFX burns to cute fawns and even Beetlejuice, our selection has something for everyone, AND they're all totally achievable for those of us who aren't 'makeup gurus'.

So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn and binge-watch our favourite Youtubers transform themselves into works of art. Be sure to share/save this article to use the tutorials on Halloween.

Melting Skull - Desi Perkins
Try not to get distracted by the uncanny resemblance between Desi Perkins and JLo in this first clip while she teaches you how to transform yourself into a 'melting skull'. This look is perfect because you can show off your creepy halloween excitement while showing off your kickass winged liner skills.

Half Skull & Exposed Spine - Roxxsaurus
This 20 year old from England is somewhat of a Halloween queen, with an entire series on her channel dedicated to spooky makeup looks, but this one is our personal favourite. Once again, the half-face design allows you to show off your inner Halloween fanatic without sacrificing your fierce makeup skills. 
Side note: How cool is the exposed spine?!

Bambi Deer - Shaaanxo
Another massive name in the beauty-guru game is Shaaanxo, who is renowned for her vast selection of Halloween tutorials (adding more to the collection every year). This Bambi-inspired makeup look is the perfect cute look for anyone who isn't keen on looking like a horror-movie character! Check out her channel for more costume-makeup ideas!

Easy Burn Face - JCharlesBeauty
This tutorial claims to be 'easy', but it's still a step up from the Halloween looks of the past. JCharlesBeauty (who was recently named Covergirl's first Cover-Boy) teaches you a basic SFX look in this video while keeping half of his face clean and flawless.

Pop Art - Alissa Ashley
This Andy Warhol-inspired design is a personal favourite of ours here at EFF Magazine, once again making the most of the half-face trend. Click below to watch makeup-goddess Alissa Ashley transform herself into a comic-book queen before your eyes.

Beetlejuice - Elliemacs SFX Makeup
This makeup tutorial is perfect for all of the Tim Burton fans out there (us included), featuring a 'Beetlejuice Babe' look to show off your inner-weirdo while still looking like a total babe. Using simple makeup product that you probably already have in your top drawer, Ellicemacs teach you how to re-create this look in a foolproof, step-by-step video. 

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