Crash Course in Colour Correcting

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I know it sounds daunting and way-too-difficult, but colour correcting is the best and easiest way to get #flawless skin without hundreds of layers of foundation. Using the basics of the colour wheel (that thing you learnt about in Art in Year 2), makeup artists from around the world have mastered the art of concealing by cancelling out colours. From neutralising redness and brightening dark spots to concealing dark circles and highlighting your cheekbones, concealers are a girl's best friend. Spot layering up your foundation in a desperate plea to disguise your problem areas and opt for colour-correction instead. Follow our crash-course in colour correcting and your skin will rival Beyonce's in no time!

The following diagram shows just how simple it is to combat major issues with a simple colour-correcting philosophy. Whether you suffer from redness, a dull complexion or dark circles and spots, this chart has your back!
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Pink: If dull, lifeless skin is your issue, opt for a pink-toned concealer or primer. This will bring colour and brightness back into your face instantly. The Make Up For Ever Radiant Primer in Cool Pink is a personal favourite of mine, available from Sephora for $58. Benefit's Erase Paste has a similar affect and is perfect for brightening your under-eye area ($47).

Yellow: Yellow, or buttercream, is a perfect shade to conceal purple undertones from bruises, dark circles and veins. SMASHBOX harness this colour-correcting technology in their Photo Finish Primer Adjust ($58). Similarly, Mirenesse have mastered this trend in the yellow shade of their Studio Magic Coverall Multicorrection Palette (Blue/Brown).
Peach/Orange: Peach and orange concealers achieve the same result as yellow products for darker complexions. Some of my favourite products with orange undertones include the BECCA Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Peach ($50) and Make Up For Ever Radiant Primer in Peach ($58)

Green: Complete with anti-redness properties, green concealers are a godsend for anyone who suffers from redness or frequent blemishes. Applying a green-toned primer or concealer will hide redness and save you from layering up your foundation every day. Try Napleon Perdis' Auto Pilot Calming Primer ($39) paired with BECCA Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Pistachio ($50).

Purple: Combat sallowness by using purple colour-correctors. These lilac-tinted beauties will work wonders for your sallow skin instantly. Purple perfection can be found in 3CE's Skin Tone Control Primer ($41) and the purple shade in Napoleon Perdis' Pro Palette Concealers ($60).

If you're trying to save some cash, or just want convenience, you can pick up a colour correcting palette with these colours included. Some great palettes include: